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HaifaStim™-a new novel range of nutritional supplements for plants

The new range of biostimulans complements the Group's plant nutrients to help growers to produce better yields.

taking care of the whole growth system and strengthening the plant mechanically and physiologically, the new range of biostimulans by haifa complements the group’s plant nutrients to help growers to produce better yields.

haifa group, a global supplier of specialty plant nutrients, launches a new novel range of   biostimulants. the haifastim™ range comprises of products carefully formulated to improve the plant’s environment and to support physiological growth processes. seven products are offered at the first stage, addressing specific conditions and plant functions. the haifastim™ range includes products that improve soil structure and root activity, strengthen the plant, facilitate uptake of nutrients and enhance resistance to stress situations. all products are derived from organic materials, and most of them are approved for organic farming.


“our new haifastim™ range is the next leap in plant nutrition”, says mr. pierluigi rigatelli, haifa group’s Μarketin manager of biostimulants and micronutrients. “it was created with the understanding that when we supplement the plant nutrition with biostimulants we improve the plant capability to maintain physiological processes and to reach growth potential.”

haifastim™ products naturally complement haifa’s range of specialty fertilizers”, says mr. natan feldman, vp marketing, business development & innovation. “we continuously strive to develop products, services and knowledge in order provide growers worldwide with innovative solutions for plant nutrition. the haifastim™ range takes advantage of haifa’s profound understanding of the needs of both plants and growers, while complying with the growing acceptance of biostimulants as a genuine potential for better crop production.”

link the video ‘haifa stim introduction


about haifa group:
haifa group is a mul¬ti-national corporation and a global leading supplier in the field of specialty fertilizers.
the group is renowned for its pioneering spirit and innovative solutions for more than five decades. haifa’s global operations span in over 100 countries across 5 conti¬nents with 16 subsidiaries and 4 production plants.


for agronomic info, please contact:

vasilis tsambardoukas
tel.: +30-210-9318830

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