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Haifa launches Mobile App For Growers

FoliMatch™ assists growers with foliar nutrition recommendations and accurate calculations.

Haifa Group today announced the launching of a new mobile advisor, FoliMatch™, which aims to assist growers with foliar nutrition calculations. With an easy to use interface, FoliMatch™ is designed to provide worldwide growers a handy tool to optimize the foliar nutrition given to their crops. Based on methodological data at the user’s GPS location, together with on-location parameters, growers are able to get an accurate recommendation and the precise calculations needed to start to apply foliar nutrition to their crops.


FoliMatch™ is joining the two other mobile applications, FertiMatch™ and FloraMetch™, already installed by more than 6,000 users worldwide. With FoliMatch™ dealing with foliar nutrition, Haifa Group now offers a complete set of mobile applications, assisting growers to optimize plant nutrition provided through irrigation systems, and by applying controlled release fertilizers.


Haifa’s FoliMatch™ provides data regarding foliar nutrition for ten different crops with attention to specific phenology stages in each crop. With the interface available in 11 languages, conversion between different measuring systems, and availability to the most popular mobile operating systems, FoliMatch™ is ready to be used anywhere around the globe.


As the efficiency of foliar application depends much on prevailing climatic conditions on-site, FoliMatch™ assists growers by providing best practice recommendations, based on real-time weather information.

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