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Growtech Eurasia Summary

The major meeting of the agricultural industry, Growtech Eurasia 15th International Greenhouse, Agricultural Equipment and Technologies Fair took place in Antalya Expo Center between December 2nd - 5th, 2015 on an area of 40,000 sqm with the attendance of 683 companies from 30 countries and 79,624 visitors from 77 countries.

growtech eurasia 15th antalya agricultural fair brought together products and services related to greenhouse and technologies, agricultural technologies and equipment, irrigation systems, seed growing, seedling cultivation, plant nutrition and protection, biological control, agricultural machinery and equipment with national and international achievements for 4 days and offered the latest technologies, products and methods to exhibitors and visitors.


mentioning that they brought together all the components needed in the agricultural industry within the organization of growtech eurasia, ubm emea (istanbul) fairs group director engin er said “growtech eurasia antalya agricultural fair received the largest attention this year. we broke the record of the previous 15 years in the number of visitors and reached 79,624 visitors from 77 countries. we enlarged our fairgrounds by 15% compared to last year for 683 exhibitors from 30 countries. we also generated over 550 million dollars business volume with the opportunities that we offered to our exhibitors and visitors including a buying committee of 40 persons from 10 countries, which are albania, azerbaijan, croatia, kazakhstan, kirgizstan, kosovo, egypt, saudi arabia, tajikistan and tunisia under the organization of west mediterranean exporters union as coordinated by the ministry of economy.”


organized for the 8th time in growtech eurasia fair, growtech agricultural awards were also granted during the event. the main sponsor for growtech eurasia 2015 agricultural fair was bactogen, a company that produces organic fertilizers with an innovative agriculture approach.

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