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For the first time in the world, BEEIO HONEY has successfully produced cultivated honey

Containing cultivated royal jelly protein, with proven improved antibacterial property compared to the commercial honey examined

BEEIO HONEY reported its successful production of cultivated royal jelly protein with antibacterial activity via a bioreactor and the successful production of cultivated
honey with proven antibacterial activity/

Beeio Honey Technologies Ltd., a private company owned in its entirety by the Company (the “Subsidiary”), announced its
successful production of cultivated honey in which it successfully integrated cultivated royal jelly protein, using the production facility established by the Subsidiary in its labs;

therefore,the Subsidiary believes, that as of the date of this immediate report and based on public information in the media and online, it is the first company in the world to produce cultivated
honey that contains cultivated royal jelly protein.


The Subsidiary has also notified the Company that it has successfully completed an experiment that proves that this combination of cultivated royal jelly protein and cultivated honey has resulted in significantly more antibacterial activity compared to commercial natural honey of a similar kind and compared to cultivated honey that does not contain cultivated royal jelly protein (the “Experiment”).
The successful outcome of the Experiment proves that the Subsidiary can produce cultivated royal jelly protein in a consistent and productive manner and integrate it into the cultivated
honey in a way that preserves the antibacterial activity of the protein and even improves the antibacterial activity of the cultivated honey.


The Company believes that the success of the experiment is a significant milestone on a global scale, which pushes the Company forward towards its goal of developing high quality cultivated honey with improved properties even compared to natural honey. It is noted that the improvement of the antibacterial property may also improve the product’s shelf life and enable a variety of productive uses of the cultivated honey in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

The success of the Experiment aligns with the agreed work plan of the Company and the Subsidiary and is expected to allow the Subsidiary to continue to develop and optimize the
production of cultivated honey with proven antibacterial activity on an industrial scale.
The Company estimates that some of the findings and/or processes and/or research methods it has developed so far and may be developed as the Company advances its goals, shall serve as
the basis for intellectual property in addition to its intellectual property to date.

The information mentioned in this notice is “Forward-Looking Statement” as defined in The Securities Law, 5728-1968, and the regulations thereunder, based on the information
known to the Company as of this date, and on estimates and predictions the realization of which depends, among others, on factors that are outside of the Company’s control.

To be noted, the Company is a research and development company and as such, its estimations might be realized differently, if at all, given that the Company’s research is
preliminary and precedential.

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