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Extent of Frost Damage over the Last Two Nights: about 45 Million Shekel
Based on an initial summary of KANAT – Insurance Fund for Natural Risks in Agriculture, it appears that since the morning hours the company has received over 200 reports by farmers about damages incurred from the Frost over the past two nights. According to initial estimates alone, the extent of damages is estimated at about 45 million shekels.
Significant damage was caused to vegetable crops throughout the country, primarily to the potato crops in the south, the Arava, the Jordan Valley and the Jezre’el Valley. Resulting from the low temperatures, the crops were damaged as well as the plants. Note that the Frost “burns” the crops, damages the plant’s circulatory system and frequently leads to the plant’s destruction.
Additional significant damages were caused to the banana plants, avocado, citrus trees as well as to other fruit orchards. In some cases damage was caused to fruit part of which was expected to fall off the tree and some of which is expected to be rejected for sales. In some cases damage was caused to the trees themselves and to blossoms. Damage to blossoms is liable to lead to damage in next year’s produce.
KANAT notes that this is only an initial estimate, since Frost damages are liable to have long term consequences. The final extent of damages will only be available after the company’s assessors have completed their examination in the fields.
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