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Dehumidifying Filtering & Heating System for Moderate and Cold Climate

Innovative technology that converts humid air from inside the greenhouse into water and heat

This unique and revolutionary patented technology is known as the Ventilated Latent Heat Converter (VLHC).  The VLHC takes in humid air from inside the greenhouse and converts the water vapor into water and heat by blowing the air through a matrix of desiccant-filled elements in a compact cooling tower.  The vapor condensation naturally warms up the desiccant, and this heat is released by the unit into the greenhouse as warm, dry air.

The main advantages of the VLHC system are:

·         Reduction of 40-60% of greenhouse energy expenses  

·         Prevention of humidity related problems, such as Botrytis thus  reducing fungicide expenses

·         Eliminates spores by cleaning and filtering the air

·         Reduces the need for intensive fungicide


VLHC has been tested and proven both in Israel and abroad in the market for over 6 years.


The system was developed and produced by Agam Greenhouse Energy Systems Ltd. who specializes in innovative, energy-conserving and environmentally friendly cooling, heating and dehumidification systems. Agam’s solutions serve the needs of both the industrial and the agricultural sectors, including greenhouses, and seed and grain warehouses.


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