TARDIS-FIELDS – A green urban landscape and vertical indoor farming company. We are the exclusive reseller of “Growboxco” (USA) in Israel and the U.A.E.

Growboxco is an American manufacturer of high technology converted shipping containers for urban and indoor vertical farming.

We are HERE for the FUTURE of our CHILDREN and our EARTH.

Push the sky away…

- TARDIS FIELDS consultant, sets up and sell auto grow container farms.
- We are also the reseller of green walls and Urban landscape companies.
- The containers are ready to work, "plug and play" The system is fully automated and secured and can provide all year round a clean, safe, fresh food with Very small carbon footprints and 90% less water then traditional agriculture.
- The containers are mobile and vertical, so they can save a lot of land space for other uses.
- We can help provide food security and future independence in the agri-tech industry.

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Phone: +972-544-434199, +972-509-128211

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