The Israel-based international nurseries organization is a market leader in vegetable propagation.
In recent years, besides further expansion of its nurseries network, Hishtil is active in sales of nursery’s production and administration technologies and procedures.

Hishtil is a world leader in plant propagation and grafting of vegetable plants. Its main product lines re seedlings and young plants of vegetables, ornamental plants and herbs. The company is renowned for being at the forefront of knowledge-based plant propagation. Hishtil is dedicated to providing economic and environmentally friendly horticultural solutions that improve the quality of food. A natural landscape rehabilitation project the company is deeply involved with is an exciting demonstration of this commitment.

Hishtil has over 25 hectares of production nursery area across four sites in Israel, plus 25 hectares in 7 international joint ventures in Italy (2), Bosnia, Spain, Turkey and South Africa (2). Yearly production currently totals well over one billion young plants of vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants, of which some 80 million are grafted vegetables. All of Hishtil’s activities comply with the strictest international standards.

Global Strategy

Hishtil aims to increase global activity to establish a leading international presence for its cutting-edge operations. This includes implementing more facilities that capitalise on its inclination for hot climates. Cooperation with a number of advanced argotech and agrobiz firms is also integral to Hishtil’s global strategy.


To maintain its leading position in the field of plant propagation technology, Hishtil’s own Research and Development department (R&D) has close relationships with academic research institutions that assist in developing advanced production methods and technical aids.

Sales and markets

Hishtil exports propagation materials of seedlings, grafted young plants and rooted/un rooted cuttings from Israel. Its primary export market is Europe, followed by North America. Hishtil is constantly seeking out new export markets. The company is known for its expertise with herbs and all export activity is focused on sales to the hobby market (young potted plants for home gardeners).

Food Safety

As a responsible propagator of plants for human consumption, Hishtil is dedicated to ensuring suitable hygiene is maintained throughout the production process.
• Hazard Analysis: Guarding and monitoring biological, chemical, and physical hazards
• Water (bio safety): Microbiology sampling, UV disinfection, CIP procedures, technologies evaluation
• Sanitation: Uniquely developed approach, independently approved.
• Certified by leading standards: ISO 9001:2008, GLOBALG.A.P, Organic (USDA and IFOAM approved)

Hishtil’s vision
To become a leading and innovative nursery firm, globally

Hishtil’s mission

To provide horticultural solutions, utilizing innovative and economic technologies based on cutting edge knowledge. Our aim is to improve the quality of food and the environment.  The company offers its customers around the world, three know-how tracks to choose from.

Hishtil’s knowledge division includes two departments:

  1. Knowledge Ventures Department – Specializes in establishing nursery projects abroad
  2. R&D Department – Focuses on expanding Hishtil’s knowledge

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