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We at Gat Fertilizers help farmers and growers make superior products through fertigation solutions.
Our turnkey solutions make superior Agri-decision accessible and usable for every grower.

Thanks to our advanced production systems that utilize advanced technology & high-qualified experts in fertilization we can guide growers to better results with our products and services.
Our customers generate stronger and more productive crops & yields in record time.
Collaborating with thousands of customers over more than three decades, from large corporations to small-size companies and academia, we have successfully adapted our solutions to meet any of our customer challenges in fertilization.

Gat fertilizers Ltd. is well known for its advanced and unique fertilizer production technology, highly trained agronomists, logistics team, professional sales & agronomical support team,

Since 1993, Gat Fertilizers ltd. operates in Spain via its subsidiaries: Gat fertiliquidos S.A. in Andalucia, Gat Extremadura S.A. in Extremadura and Gat Almeria S.A. in Almeria.
In the year 2003 Gat Fertilizers started to export to countries beyond Israel and Spain, today, Gat Fertilizers Ltd is marketing its products all over the globe.

Tailor-made product series according to client needs, high-quality Solid water-soluble (+ Micro Element) for Fertigation Solutions,
We recently launched an innovative product - which combines the benefits of liquid fertilizer in solid water-soluble fertilizers, in this product we are adding additives that couldn’t be added before to WSF, additives like biostimulants nitrification inhibitor and more… we are uniquely producing this kind of product series, we have been experimenting these products for years with an excellent result,
These product series allow the farmer to get all the benefits of liquid fertilizer in a solid water-soluble fertilizer - logistics are simpler and cheaper, long shelf life, no cacking in storage, better configuration and technical operation in the irrigation systems,

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