DRTS – Drip Research Technology Solutions

Drip Research Technology Solutions (DRTS) is an international industry leader with over 35 years of experience in providing drip irrigation and pipe extrusion machinery. We manufacture high quality machinery and standalone units comprised of top brand components.

Our clients can be found worldwide from large global corporations to privately owned independent pipe manufacturers in emerging markets.

turnkey production lines

DRTS offers turnkey production lines for round, flat, thin-wall and thick-wall drip irrigation pipe as well as for PE, PVC, and PPR pipes. All of our machinery can be supplied as standalone to help upgrade an existing production line.

round / flat irrigation drippers

We also manufacture round / flat irrigation drippers and offer a range of heap leach mining services from detailed project planning to mining drippers and accessories.

turnkey pipe manufacturing

If you are looking for a quality turnkey pipe manufacturing solution DRTS is your one stop shop for everything you need to become a successful manufacturer.

installation and workforce training

DRTS takes care of installation and workforce training with continuous support and the latest technology to keep you competitive in today’s local and global markets. With DRTS you can become a completely independent manufacturer of drip irrigation pipe and PE, PVC and PPR piping.

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Phone: +1 (858) 587 4833

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