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Agrorim’s Solutions for Green Crop Protection

Agrorim is specializing in molecular encapsulation of green active materials for crop control

agrorim ltd., an agtech start-up company, was established in 2015, by the cto dr. jallal gnaim a pharmaceutical chemist with vast academic and industrial experience and a senior researcher at the triangle regional r&d center. $2.2m funded by israeli innovation authority and private investors. the company has a very skilled team including razan unis, biologist, r&d manager and nabeel gnayem agronomist and ceo.    

agrorim is specializing in molecular encapsulation of green active materials for crop control. the developed technology platform ip is protected by two patents. one field application of our green product can protect a crop from target insects for the entire season.  agrorim implements and maintains a quality management of iso: 900:2015 system for development and production of green agriculture formulations. agrorim has been selected as one of the best top 10 food tech start-ups by the katerva 2019.


challenges / the need
synthetic chemicals have been extensively used worldwide for the last few decades to protect crops for increasing their production and quality. it is found that chemical pesticides pose long term danger to the environment and humans, and they are ecologically unacceptable chemical pesticides faces.
major challenges
• hazards to non-target organisms
• presence of pesticides residue on seeds and crops
• development of resistance by the insects and weed
• harmful to soil microflora, animals and human life

an increased social pressure prevails pesticide use and creates pressure to replace them gradually with green pesticides, which are safe to humans and non-target organisms. however, there are different barriers.


limitations of green active materials
• green pesticides are slow in controlling insects’ pests
• do not produce an immediate knock down effect
• there is a lack of residual action for most botanicals
• problems with volatility, solubility and phytotoxicity


razan unis, r&d manager in company’s analytical laboratory (gc-ms)


solution, technology & market
agrorim has promising alternative solutions to overcome the barriers of green active materials. the company’s solution based on an innovative molecular encapsulation platform, enabling the coating of active bio-chemicals such as pheromones or essential oils and essential compounds, with environment friendly carriers. agrorim’s patented technology improves the physical, chemical, and biological performance of active ingredients, which allows their stabilization, slow release and reduced phytotoxicity. the company has two prototype products that are set for regulation aimed for the global green pest market, which has grown steadily in recent years and is expected to continue growing at a cagr of 16% up to an estimated market size of 11$b in 2025.


to make a long story short
• >20 validated applications
• hundreds of poc
• >10 full field trials
• we undertake many collaborative research projects and partnerships to implement green pest-control solutions, for a cleaner world with more affordable food produce.  we are seeking: fundraising and strategic agrochemical partners.
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