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Netafim’s Tribute to 50 Years of Drip Irrigation Innovation

Drip irrigation innovation tribute to Netafim at the world’s largest agricultural expo

The global leader in irrigation, Netafim, celebrated 50 years of drip irrigation innovation during the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. This marked five decades since the company first changed the face of world agriculture by introducing the drip irrigation technology. During a press conference held in conjunction with the company’s participation at the 2015 World Ag Expo, John Vikupitz, Netafim’s USA CEO, addressed the positive impact of Netafim’s drip irrigation technology on the agriculture industry over the past half century.


Vikupitz said, “The 50th anniversary is a milestone that gives us the opportunity to share our story, achievements and goals as the world leader in drip irrigation”. “Five decades after being established by a group of Israeli farmers in 1965 as a solution to the lack of quality water for food production, Netafim has continued to help farmers overcome challenges, increase yields and reduce costs by providing access to the most innovative water saving crop management solutions available.”


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